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Rafael Guardiola on Dispatch Logistics
Great Service

The service was great from pickup to delivery. The price was reasonable the driver was very friendly professional. I highly recommend Dispatch Logistics.

Anna Radcliffe on Dispatch Logistics
Easy from start to finish!

I shipped my car from Arizona to Connecticut had the easiest experience. I’ve used other shipping companies that have lied, given me different prices than initially promised, failed to communicate clearly. Dispatch logistics was far the easiest company to work with. I was quoted one amount they stuck to that price, even once the car was brokered out which is where quotes tend to get changed. The price wasn’t too high or low, I’d say pretty fair for the distance a promised pick-up date. To make it even better, it only took my car 4 days to be transported across the country! The driver always answered my calls to give me accurate updates on location arrival time. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get your car shipped efficiently safely.

Paige on Dispatch Logistics
Great Service

This company was easy to work with. Polite, On time. Super pleasant, made the process easy. All good. I give them two thumbs up. Would use them again.

Isaiah on Dispatch Logistics
Awesome Service Reliability

I paid for Open back transport with Dispatch Logistics they will go above beyond to get your car delivered at your house in 100% perfect condition without paying the extra cost to keep your vehicle from being damaged. I was afraid at first but John Miller the dispatch agent helped me go through the process of filling the form out getting a truck driver to deliver the vehicle in one day. He also let me choose to pay via Zelle instead of through Cash, Money order, or Cashier's check. In all honesty, Dispatch Logistics is the best company you want to use when shipping your car from around the country safely. This seems like a fake review but I can assure you that I'm not getting paid to write a fake review of their company just to push people into using their service

Marlene Thomas on Dispatch Logistics
68842 YM

From the initial request many responses to my request for a vehicle transport, Dispatch Logistics has been the best. The pricing was reasonable response was wonderful. Honestly I had called reached out with text to another carrier with no reply like 4 times. Not a way to do business. John was great with responding to my texts. When we got down to the wire I needed the transport ASAP I texted John within, seemed like minutes, he responded with a transport we made the arrangements. The guys, Vibe International Enterprises, driver Leandro, that picked up the vehicle were great, very thorough explained the process if delivery to us. We had our son meet them in the morning to pay them accept delivery. They were right on time from pickup to delivery. John was extremely helpful from start to finish I would definitely contact him again if I need these services in the future.

Anonymous on Dispatch Logistics
Dispatch Logistics Melissa

I don’t review that often but had to as I was blown away the level of service professionalism dispatch logistics especially Melissa. She was very responsive accommodating especially since I had to make changes 5 or 6 different times. I got constant updates - when the truck was dispatched…when they arrived picked up my car…in transit…notified 3-4hours before the car was being dropped off. I’ve used them twice already both times it was the same level of speedy always on time service. Will certainly use dispatch logistics again highly recommend them for hassle free peace of mind car transport.

John on Dispatch Logistics
Seamless experience

I have been shipping my cars back forth between Delaware Naples Florida for over 10 years. I have used various drivers brokers. I have found you need 3 things for a successful outcome. First is good communication. Simply keep me informed about who is going to do what when. John Miller did a great job doing that all through the process. Second is to meet the committed shipping date..They we’re right on with a real quality driver. Thirdly, meet the committed delivery date. The driver not only did that but was within hours of the estimated time that he gave upon pickup. Great experience will use them again. In the fall!

Anonymous on Dispatch Logistics
Vehicle Delivery

Everything as promised. Vehicle was delivered on time in great condition. Transportation was from Long Beach port to Colorado. Everything happened the driver delivered just as promised.

Joe on Dispatch Logistics
Car Transport

My experience with Dispatch Logistics was excellent. John was extremely friendly, helpful, clearly communicated my options for transport in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone wishing to transport their vehicle affordably.

Fred Adickes on Dispatch Logistics

Great experience. Was kept up to date on progress regarding pick up date. Driver arrived on the first day available made delivery the next day. Driver was very professional as was John at Dispatch Logistics. Would highly recommend their service.

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