Yes. We provide military & return customer discounts. To view our discounted rates click here.

Reservations are completely free. We do not take any payments upfront. You will receive a confirmation phone call when driver has been assigned. Once order is confirmed & dispatched we charge the initial payment agreed.

You can have up to 125 pounds inside the vehicle. If you need more space make sure to let us know when booking the reservation.

Yes. Provide us with another persons name & phone number. Our driver will contact them to coordinate the transport service.

Call us directly or feel free to book online.

Dispatch Logistics ONLY provides door to door service. We will have the truck driver load & unload vehicle at the exact addresses provided when booking the reservation.

Yes. When booking the transport it is very important to let us know the condition of the vehicle. Dispatch department will assign a driver who is fully equipped for the load.

Delivery time frames changes according to the directions. Some moves can be done in 1 day, but some like coast to coast can take up to 10 days.

It is highly recommended to book your shipping at least 10 days or more prior to the shipping date. We can also provide expedited transport based on availability.

All the vehicles shipped with Dispatch Logistics are fully bonded & insured. We operate with the most competitive insurance companies in the market. Reliable transportation at all cost.

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