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  • The vehicle must be clean for the inspection. A dirty vehicle decreases the ability to perform a quality inspection.
  • We recommend the gas tank to be at 1/4 of fuel, but no more than 1/2 tank of fuel.
  • All alarm systems must be disconnected, disable or turned off.
  • Please remove all exterior spare tire covers or car cover as well.
  • One set of keys for the vehicle must be provided.

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

  • You or the designated party must be present for the inspection at the time of pick up & delivery.
  • You or the designated party must sign the bill of lading report at both ends.
  • You or the designated party are responsible for reviewing the vehicle's condition. This must be done before the driver leaves the destination.
  • Vehicle condition exceptions must be noted on the bill of lading. Both driver client need to sign.

Our Shipping

Your vehicle will be picked up & delivered to the address you provide, or as close as we can safely access.

All of our car carriers are fully licensed, bonded & insured with the most competitive insurance companies in the market.

Availability is key in the transport business. Whether you are shipping a car to the other side of the country or local we can help.

When shipping with our car carrier network you can save up to 60% more than other brokers & carriers.

Use our online tracking tool to keep track of your shipping order.

Common Questions

Yes. We provide military & return customer discounts. To view our discounted rates click here.

Reservations are completely free. We do not take any payments upfront. You will receive a confirmation phone call when driver has been assigned. Once order is confirmed & dispatched we charge the initial payment agreed.

You can have up to 125 pounds inside the vehicle. If you need more space make sure to let us know when booking the reservation.

Yes. Provide us with another persons name & phone number. Our driver will contact them to coordinate the transport service.

Call us directly or feel free to book online.

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